How to Begin using Stripe with Payoneer even if you’re not in the USA

Launch your awesome startup today and start accepting payment via Stripe immediately.

How to Begin using Stripe with Payoneer

Payments might be a large issue for startups and businesses operating in nations where Stripe & PayPal isn’t available. In reality, it’s something that kills the creativity of young entrepreneurs and forces them to either give up or relocate to other nations where these payment gateways are available.

Stripe is an excellent service that lets businesses accept payments over the Internet in numerous currencies. If you are developing a site or mobile app and wish to take payments, Stripe does it in a matter of minutes, literally. You can integrate Stripe APIs into your website to receive payments.

But, unfortunately, it does not support all nations yet (that also includes my country). It’s only available in restricted countries such as the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Ireland, and heaps of more European nations (only merchant accounts, you can pay from anywhere).

How to Begin using Stripe with Payoneer even if you're not in the USA

It’s been a very long time, I’m awaiting Stripe to expand the services to include more countries (especially Asian nations ) but no luck so far. Recently, I came across an intriguing solution to use Stripe from any nation. It’s a very fast and legal method of accepting payments with Stripe. You can begin accepting payments from all over the world in minutes once you completed all the requirements.

Following are the Stripe requirements to accept payments from the United States:

  • US Bank Account
  • SSN / EIN
  • US Mailing Address
  • US Phone Number

The simple way is to register an LLC (Limited Liability Company) or C-Corporation business in the USA and open the bank accounts. But even when you’re in a position to process the LLC registration (that is simple and can be done remotely), there’s absolutely not any bank in the USA that is ready to open an account without the potential owner visiting the branch.

Also, Stripe requires one to enter SSN or EIN to verify your identity, which can be another hurdle. For US address & phone number, you can get them easily or even use fake details (not recommended).

But the good news is you can still receive all the necessary details without visiting the US and starts using Stripe in moments. Let us discuss how you can successfully sign up for Stripe from America.


You can find a valid US bank account thanks to Payoneer — a global payment service that may be used as a substitute for PayPal to send and receive payments worldwide. It offers the users a prepaid MasterCard (you must have funds in the prepaid card before you can use it online ) and US bank accounts to accept ACH payments from US companies. ACH is exactly what Stripe uses to payout the customers. You are done!

Sign Up for Payoneer

Sign Up for Payoneer

Payoneer is a really reliable and secure payment service accessible globally. I have been using it since early 2013 to accept payments from US clients, market earnings, affiliate commissions, etc.. Because it is MasterCard supported that’s widely accepted within the world wide web, so it is my primary payment method whenever I wish to pay online whether it is to buy an airline ticket, cover web hosting bills, or to cover Amazon AWS monthly fees, etc..

Registration for Payoneer is straightforward and can be carried out in a couple of minutes. If you will use my link to sign up in Payoneer, you will get a $25 sign-up bonus.

You just need to fill out several a four measures form and then validate your identity by sending them a passport or driving license tender copy.

As soon as you register successfully, then there is a waiting period up to a week and then they ship you a prepaid MasterCard in your address. When you receive the card and activate it, Payoneer makes a virtual US bank accounts for you to accept ACH payments from US firms. That’s all you need. Nowadays you have an official US bank account and can begin accepting payments from Strip immediately.

2. SSN / EIN

For EIN remotely, You Will Need to make a call to IRS (Internal Revenue Service) and do the following:

  • Download the kind and fill it ahead.
    Call the IRS — phone number -LRB-800-RRB- 829-4933 — and let them know you need an EIN. They will insist one to send the form by facsimile, but there is a workaround for this. Just say you do not own a fax machine and would love to do it by phone.
  • The operator will ask you to get the kind available and browse the areas.
    In the next 15 minutes, you will have an official EIN which is also sent to you by mail at your home country address.

3. US Mailing Address

It’s rather simple to get a US mailing address, you may register for any PO Box service to receive it. There are lots of internet providers that deliver this. They supply you with a mailing address that is accessible online. You may receive and see all your email online: letters, documents, and bundles, whether delivered by the USPS, FedEx, or UPS.

You can even use any bogus address but it isn’t recommended. You may need to get important documents by email in the future such as from IRS or even Stripe etc..

4. US Phone Number

You can get a US phone number from Sonetel and forward it to the local phone number. It costs less than just $ 2 per month and you’re able to receive all calls straight at your present phone number.

Once you have everything you need to sign up for Stripe payment service, the remaining is easy and straightforward. Go into and create an account by filling all of the details (email, password ) and confirm that your email address. Then log in to Stripe and change the LIVE/TEST switcher into LIVE, then click on Activate Account. You, Will, Have to fill out All of the necessary details but be extra cautious with the following:

Nation: United States

Company type: Individual / Sole Proprietorship

EIN: The number you have from IRS

Address: Your Own mail-forwarding speech in the US

Telephone: Sonetel US phone number

SSN: 000–000–000

Bank Account: Log into your Payoneer accounts, click Receive -> International Payment Service and replicate all of the bank information from that point.

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