The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Domain Name Hosting

Whether you are starting a blog or site, you need hosting to host your domain. There are various things associated with domain hosting you can do to get the most from your hosting package.

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Domain Name Hosting

The most common stuff you can do using domain hosting comprises domain parking, domain forwarding, domain masking, domain and domain names subnetting. These attributes vary from one hosting service provider to a different hosting service supplier. When you decide to purchase a hosting plan for your domain name, make certain to get through all of the offered services along with the hosting packages one by one.

Domain Names

If you aren’t intend to develop your domain name to some website and want to keep it for a long time for any reason, such as selling the domain to another proprietor or not yet prepared to start the business, you might want to park your domain. There may be many different reasons to use domain parking services like using domain names only for services such as URL shortening or emails etc…

Domain parking may be used to inform a coming small business website by using the “Under Construction” page and collecting subscribers. Many large and medium scale companies. Which own trademarks, also register domains aside from .com and park them to avoid potential cyber-squatting.

Another popular use of domain parking one of the domainers is for the parked domain monetization. The domain name just shows a landing page with advertisements links largely from the pay-per-click (PPC) agreement.

Domain Names

Domain forwarding is a popular method of utilizing multiple domains for a single website. Sometimes, it is also referred to as URL redirection, URL forwarding, and domain name redirection. There can be many situations when you Want to use this service, and a number of them are after:

  • To manage misspelled variant of your domain name by redirecting customers to the actual domain names. For instance, you hold, and you also redirect to your site. By way of example, is redirected to!
  • To use several domain name extensions for a single website like .org, .io, .xyz and .net etc..
  • To catch the leads using the specific keyword domain name.
  • If you want to move your website to a new domain, you still will need to divert the old domain to avoid visitors’ loss.

There are several ways to abuse domain to scam the traffic or fool the search engines; however, you may suffer reduced page ranking or ban from monetization association if caught doing this.

Domain Names

Domain masking can also be called a domain name or URL masking. The domain masking is very helpful in allowing the visitors to see the content of this forwarded site without showing the true URL. The visitors will observe exactly the identical URL they typed in the browser window or chose in the search engine or click on any affiliate URL.

It’s also helpful to land the visitors at a specific part of your site by employing subdomains. Sometimes, you may need URL masking for not confusing traffic with a lengthy name of this site you might have constructed before a brief and better title became accessible.

Domain Locking

Domain locking service helps stop your domain name from being transferred without your authorization to another person. When you want to transfer your domain name from one registrar to another registrar, it is possible to disable the safety lock of this website to achieve that. Some hosts provide domain locking service by default, and many others may find it as yet another add-on service.

Domain Subnetting

Domain subnetting is a famous and popular approach to use one domain for numerous services. Many hosts enable the customer to create a sub-domain from the principal domain. Sub-domains include the URL’s primary domain name plus a prefix followed by a dot(.)! By way of instance, you domain and you can create subdomains such as for your company services.

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